As a result of COVID-19 and its impact on our network, we have decided to relax the strict application of the 2020 Grant Guidelines to afford recipients of grant funds awarded through the funding application process that closes on April 6, 2020 the opportunity to utilize the Program Grant funding to support emergency operational needs.

Start-Up, Excellence Program and Transportation Grants are Temporarily Suspended


*Subject to change annually

The USTA Foundation believes in giving back, in supporting programs that utilize tennis and education to build brighter futures and more vibrant communities.  To date, we have awarded more than $40M in grants to hundreds of programs, benefitting thousands of youth throughout the country.

The USTA Foundation awards grants to programs that support underresourced youth through tennis and education programs designed to improve health, build character and strive for academic excellence. Priority is given to enrolled NJTL chapters that offer formal educational curricula, such as A.C.E., improved tennis delivery and implementation of USTA products. 


The Foundation’s main strategic priorities include grants supporting enrolled NJTL chapters in developing strong, sustainable organizations. The formal star levels system was refined with more rigorous criteria to create consistency across the NJTL network. Funding preference will be given to enrolled NJTL organizations that demonstrate alignment with USTA Foundation’s Youth and Organizational frameworks. Click the following hyperlinks to download the NJTL Levels and framework documents: Click here for the NJTL Star Level Criteria and click here for the Youth Development Framework.


Grant Categories

  • Program Grants - Application opens on March 2, 2020; Closes on April 6, 2020*.
  • Start-up Grants - Application opens on March 2, 2020; Closes on April 6, 2020 - For new NJTL Chapters. Click here for Start Up Grant Letter of Interest. TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED.
  • Excellence Program Grants – By invitation only, via nomination process. 
    • Individual Player Grants - Grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 for support of Chapter participants that have demonstrated significant financial need to advance in tennis; may be used for educational support where needed. CLOSED.
    • Excellence Coaching Education Grants – Grants ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 for NJTL coaches to participate in continuing education. These grants will be offered via a nomination process. – Open on a rolling basis. TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED.
  • Transportation Grants Letter of Interest available on March 2, 2020; Closes on April 6, 2020*. Click here for Transportation Letter of Interest. TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED


4-Star Sustainability funding previously guaranteed at $27,500 is now competitive, however 3-4 Star chapters can apply for up to $40k with up to 50% toward general operating support

Network Member to 2-star chapters can still apply for up to $25k but can also ask for 20% toward general operating support.

Start-up grants to small chapters that “may” be awarded for two years to provide continuity.

Click here for Start-up Grant Letter of Interest


Individual Player Grants
Open to the entire network via a competitive nomination process. Amounts range from $1,000 - $5,000.

Coaching Education Grants
Open to the entire network via a competitive nomination process. Amounts range from $1,000 - $2,500.

Excellence Team funding is now segmented between “Excellence at $25,000” and “Development at $15,000” based on criteria shared with the teams in early 2019 and decisions made in collaboration with Player Development.

For more information about Excellence Program Grants, please contact Sean Holcomb-Jones at


Up to $25,000 in the expenditures to support a chapter’s need for transportation, which further supports the participation of under-resourced youth in tennis and education programming. Transportation grants will not support repairs or other operational expenses such as maintenance, insurance, salaries, and licenses

Click here for Transportation Grant Letter of Interest.

*Organizations that received a Program Grant or National, Southern or Southern California Capacity Building Grant at year-end 2019 are not eligible to apply until March 2021.

  • Other Grants
    • Capacity Building Grants  Not currently open to new Chapters.
    • Excellence/Development Team Grants – By invitation only.
    • Player Development Collaborative Grants – By invitation only.

Acceptance, Reporting and Evaluation

Reporting for all grants is required, and the USTAF 'may' selectively audit a sample of grants awarded and ask for expense substantiation.

General Guidelines - Click here (See attached)

Should you have any questions regarding grants or eligibility, please contact