Q&A with James Blake, USTA Foundation Past Chairperson

May 20, 2020 04:00 PM

Former World No. 4 and Past USTA Foundation Chairperson, James Blake, remains a champion of the USTA Foundation's work and has words of encouragement for the USTA Foundation family.

What is the day in the life of James like right now?
A day in my life these days includes lots of family time. We have tried to keep the girls (Riley, 7 and Emma, 6) on a schedule. We go on a walk after breakfast and then the school day starts. The online work usually lasts until lunch time with a break in there for a snack and a little bit of a break to maybe get outside. Then after lunch we usually play board games, do puzzles, or more outside activity. 
What is your advice for overcoming challenges?
My biggest tip for overcoming challenges is to set achievable goals and try to accomplish them daily. If you set very short-term goals, they seem possible at the time and you have something to always work towards. As you are accomplishing these goals, before you know it, you are closer than you can imagine to your long-term goal. 
What skills can tennis players work on now, while they’re at home? 
My advice for what players can work on during this time is footwork. Jumping rope is a great exercise that doesn’t take much space. There are plenty of agility drills with cones or balls that can be set up to work on and improve daily.


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