Q&A with Legendary Coach Nick Bollettieri

Legendary International Tennis Hall of Fame Coach Nick Bollettieri
April 17, 2020 01:00 PM
International Tennis Hall of Fame Coach, Nick Bollettieri, is a champion of the USTA Foundation and has a special message of hope for the USTA Foundation family, reminding us that we are all in this together.

1.     What is a day in the life of Nick Bollettieri like right now?
Every day I go to sleep around 11 pm and get up at 5 am. I stay busy by doing Instagrams, videos for Twitter, and sending out words of encouragement to the USTA Foundation and their partner organizations.
2.     What are you grateful for today?
I'm grateful that God has put me in a position to be able to help people by offering them hope and inspire them.
3.     What are some tips on overcoming challenges?
I feel that the ordinary person often shuns away from challenges and the main reason is that they are afraid of failure. If you accept a challenge and it doesn’t pan out, hey, you didn’t lose anything. But if you try, you have a chance to win something.
4.     How are you staying healthy and active?
First of all, I have my gloves and mask on. I work out every night at home by doing stretches, sit ups, and simple exercises with 10 pound weights. Most of all, my mind is still working 24 hours a day with one objective: how can I help you get through these difficult times? How can I inspire you to accomplish everything you are capable of? Positivity has never been more important.
5.     What are the best skills tennis players can work on at home?
I recommend getting in front of a mirror and doing shadow drills and make sure you have a strong lower body foundation. You can also put the garage door down and go one-on-one with the undefeated garage door. Finally, when you are back on the tennis court, come out with a different positive attitude.


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