The National Junior Tennis and Learning (NJTL) Network serves nearly 180,000 children each year*, thanks to the efforts of nearly 300 nonprofit organizations* which provide free or low-cost tennis, education and life skills programming to under-resourced children throughout the seventeen USTA Sections
Looking to enroll in the NJTL Network? Please review our 2019 NJTL Star Criteria to determine if you meet the minimum requirements, then contact us via njtl@usta.com
*as of October 2018
The sport for a lifetime is always evolving, creating new ways to make tennis more exciting and fun not only for the kids who play the game, but for the coaches and organizers as well.
An NJTL Regional Training focuses on how to best operate your programs. A two-day workshop held annually, an NJTL Regional Training  educates chapter leaders on the ACE (Academic Creative Engagement) curriculum, designed to improve kids’ attitudes and behaviors around math and literacy plus provides the latest enhancements in on-court instruction, fundraising and much more.
For more information on the next NJTL Regional Training and other continuing education webinars, click here, or send an e-mail to: njtl@usta.com


By teaming with the USTA Foundation through NJTL, you can build your management team’s infrastructure so that your chapter can be sustainable and impactful.
The Capacity Building program provides long-term technical assistance for chapters committed to achieving significant growth. 
For more information, please e-mail: njtl@usta.com.
The USTA Foundation, by way of NJTL, routinely collects and shares the best practices of its network, which includes sources with more than 45 years of experience and several multi-million dollar nonprofit and afterschool youth development organizations.
This Tennis and Education Toolkit contains solid reference material for any NJTL that wishes to improve the many ways in which they serve their communities.