Want to create an organization that helps your community and builds on your love of tennis? Like Arthur Ashe, you may want to “use tennis to teach the game of life.” Structuring an organization can be a great way to inspire an interest in tennis and improve the quality of life for children and adults through exercise and fitness. While starting an organization sounds huge, this website will help! You’ll find the basic steps and resources you need to get started forming a non-profit or tax-exempt organization.

In this website, you will also find information on the beginning planning stages of creating a tennis and education program. As your program develops, you can dig deeper into the information and resources that address the more sophisticated issues of organizational development, management, evaluation, and communication.

This site is organized into three main categories:

  1. Connect to the Network offers resources and links to introduce you to other USTA and NJTL programs as well as the supports offered to you by the USTA Foundation.
  2. Organizational Development walks you through the necessary steps to establish your organization. These resources are also useful to review if your organization is already established as there are several examples from high-quality tennis and education programs.
  3. Program Development gets into the nuts and bolts of designing a tennis and education program. You'll find tools and templates as well as links and examples to support you in developing a strong program for the youth you serve.

If you would like to learn more about this toolkit, please contact the USTA Foundation office at 914-696-7223 or