Thank you to our incredible supporters for your commitment to the USTA Foundation and our mission to bring tennis and education together to change lives. We greatly appreciate your support of our Rally to Rebuild campaign, which will provide support to the NJTL network's under-resourced youth in 250 diverse communities impacted by the pandemic. With your support, we exceeded our initial goal of $5M.

Special thanks to Nora McNeeley Hurley and the Manitou Fund for their amazing support by helping to match the USTA Foundation's Board Members' pledge.


Alan M. Aaron
Pamela & Richard Ader*
Ann Adornetto
Christine M. Andrade
Steven Andrzejewski
Peter K. Anglum
Katherine P. Avery
Nancy Barnett
Dan and Teena Bergsma
Zachary Bishop
Aimee Bloom
Dennis Boilini
Mike Borkowsky*
Peter Braveman
Jacqueline M. Brennan
Susan Brown
Nora Cameron
Peter & Tatiana Cancro
Philip S. Caplan
Michael Carrasquillo
Robert C. Chang
Tom Chen* 
Veronica Chen
Carol Conidi
Howard Cowan*
Anne Marie Davis*
Eliza Davis
Emily Dawkins
Elizabeth Dickison
John & Marianne DiDonato
Ben Doller*
Raul Dominguez
Tony Downer
Adam Drucker
Michael K. Eckstut
Jamshid Ehsani*
Pamela Elliott
Trudy Festinger
Carolyn Fichtel
Elizabeth Finley
John Fisher
Michael Fiur
Israel Floyd
Russell Fradin
Kathy Fudali
Al Garrett
Carol George
Peter & Barbara Georgescu*
Brian Hainline*
Rita & Andre Hawaux*
Joe Healy
Bonnie & Stephen Holmes
Beth Holz
Nora Hurley
Laura Hyman
Barbara Jenkins
Molly John*
Don Johnson
Glenn Johnson
Henry Johnson*
Dillon Joyce
Mark Kami
Jason Karp
J. Christine Kendall
Doug Kimmelman*
Page Kjellstrom
Deborah Krass 
Gordon Kuhn
Mark Leschly*
Gordon & Judy Levering*
Denison Levy
Jill Lewis
Margaret Ling
Mitchell Lynn
Bill Macatee*
Marcy Maguire*
Jamie Majeski*
Vladimir & Patricia Makatsaria
Marty Mann*
Jeffrey Markello
Roberto Marques*
Kevin Martinez*
Eleanora B. Mauritson
Sean Mayo*
Douglas & Paula McGraime
Rico McIver
Steve Michaelson
Jack Mills*
January Moennig
Marsha R. Musser
Laura Newman
Philippa Nierling
Don Nordmeyer
Bob Oberrender*
Eric Olson
Rob Park
Joanne Payson
Eloisa Pena
Natasha Petry
Yesim Phillip*
Rob Pohly
Carolyn L. Polisano
Kenneth Pope
Phyllis Pullman
Missie Rennie*
Shelby Rhyne
Carl & Molly Rice
Jeffrey Rosenthal
Martha Ryan
Ryan Russo
Badri Sashti
Elizabeth Sayner
Emily Schaefer
Cheryl & Y. David Scharf*
Maryjane & Walter Scherr
Eric & Natalie Schmook
Alan Schwartz*
Barry & Dolly Segal
Evelyn Selber
Irene Shen
Tom Shen*
Jane R. Short
Pam Shriver*
Joseph A. Snyder
Richard Spurling
Frank A. Stefan
Sy Sternberg
Tony Stingley
Susan Stone
Kimberly Strauss
Wendy Strauss
Katherine Sweeney
Walid Tamari
Steve Tananbaum
Garth Thomson
Ken Toscano
Peggy Trefaller
Alfredo Trevino
Rudolf A. Van Mol
John Van Scharften
Harold Varmus
Raj Vaswani*
Shari & Jon Vegosen* 
Jane Wahl
Jill Wallace
Kenny Walton
R. Steven Watson
Sharon Weiner
Wendy Weiss
Andrew Wright
Kathleen Wu*
Barbara Wynne*
Ivan Zinn*
Jo Ann C. Zirpoli
Kurt Zumwalt*

*USTA Foundation Board Member



























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