College Scholarship Application Process

Applicants will submit, online, the application, required supporting documentation. All recommendations and transcripts must be submitted online as an attachment.  Transcripts must have school official (guidance counselor) signature over/along official school seal.  Teacher, Coach and Personal recommendations must have signature as well.

Telephone and/or in-person interviews may be conducted as part of USTA Serves’ final selection process.

Required forms (which are found within the ATTACHMENTS section of the online application):

  • Authorization signature form signed by the applicant and parent;
  • A faculty member recommendation form from the applicant’s high school;
  • A tennis coach/program director recommendation form;
  • A recommendation from an individual of the applicant’s choice.

Required supporting materials (UPLOAD INTO APPLICATION as PDF):

  • An official high school transcript;
  • ACT/SAT examination scores;
  • The applicant’s essay as requested on the application;
  • Tax Returns
  • OR
  • Applicant’s official financial aid form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid – "FAFSA" or Student Aid Report "SAR." If you have not filed a tax return yet, please complete the FAFSA to the best of your ability and forward a final copy when available); and,
  • Listing of Colleges which are being considered should applicant be undecided.



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